Q: What’s included in the price?
A: Once you pay the enterance fee all activities beyond the entrance gates are free. Please understand there is no entrance behind the barn without paying whether a person intends to go in the maze or not.

Q: Can I bring a pet?
A: No, In the past we have allowed dogs but due to customers request, we are not allowing pets. Only service animals with credentials.

Q: Can I bring food or a picnic basket?
A: Yes, picnic tables are provided . Please bring food in through the gates and eat inside on our tables or lawn. Neighbors are complaining about customers eating by their cars.

Q: Is the field muddy?
A: Yes, it can be and when it’s muddy it is very slick. Colorado weather is unpredictable – plan accordingly.

Q: Is there a cost to park?
A: Parking is free on our property. Due to our popularity we are having parking issues, some neighbors will be charging for parking. Please follow the parking signs to help you find a spot to park. Please be curteous when parking in the county right of way, do not block driveways or hit mailboxes.

Q: Can I bring a stroller?
A: Yes, but it is very difficult, it is easier to carry a child in the maze, in the pumpkin field the child can ride in the wagons.

Q: Are you easy to find?
A: Yes watch for signs along route and print a map from our map page.

Q: Is food available?
A: Yes! Saturday and Sunday, we sell hamburgers, hotdogs & BBQ, that is very tasty and reasonable. Also check out the event page because we sometimes have other vendors—also we sell Hot dog dinners–which is a package of all beef hot dogs, buns, condiments, chips and a drink( You can roast your hot dog on the open campfire and sit on the straw bales or picnic tables to enjoy this meal)these are sold after the grill closes on Saturday, and they are the only meals we have on Fridays at this time.

Q: Is the maze lit at night?
A: No, only entrances and exits are lit. Bring your flashlight or purchase a glow stick here.

Q: What do you do in the Maze?
A: Besides just having fun and being silly—you, if you choose are playing a game every year the game is different and will ask you to do different things.