No pets allowed. We are sorry for any inconvenience. (Only service animals allowed with vest or credentials.)


Our prices still include any Jack-O-Latern type, pumpkin from the field–(while supply lasts)-some of the best pumpkins around—- We hope to see more grandparents come with their families and more of our military families able to share the fall here at our farm. As the season ends pumpkins will be picked over, so if you want a big one come earlier in the season.

Admission Prices:

  • $10 per person (includes any Jack-O-Latern type pumpkin from the field, while supply lasts,)
  • Kids 5 and under: FREE (doesn’t include pumpkin)
  • Seniors 65+ with I.D.: $9, (includes any Jack-O-Latern type, pumpkin from the field, while supply lasts)

Group Pricing: 10 paying people are considered a group during open to the public days, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

  • Admissions: $9 per person (includes any Jack-O-Latern type, pumpkin in the field, while supply lasts)
  • Kids 5 and under free (pumpkin not included)

School Groups are considered 15 students or more,(max. 3hrs at the Farm)

School Admissions: (max. 3hr time frame, unless discussed with staff)

$6 per student this includes any pumpkin in the field they can carry (or smaller if the teachers require it), corn maze, hayrides, visiting the animals and playing on the hay-slide. Sue is always eager to give the kids a lesson on  pumpkins and corn, you just need to ask when you book your trip. We can shorten our talk if your time is limited, or we can give a more in-depth explanation. It’s up to you and your time. Your welcome to bring sack lunches or snacks to eat on the farm (food vendors are not at the field during the week , (please let parents know this as well).  We encourage schools to bring water for their group. There are no water fountains on the farm.

1 teacher per group (of 15)will be FREE. Example 60 students 4 teachers free. All other chaperons will be charged the group price of $9 per person,(pumpkin included) other siblings will also be charged the student price of $6. Kids 5 & under FREE (pumpkin not included).

If the students are Pre K, or Kindergarten we realize they are under 5 but will be charged $6 and will include a pumpkin.

Teachers please collect the money from your students before you get to the farm. Your time always seems short and we want you to have enough time to enjoy the farm. Chaperons will need to pay at the red barn, as they enter or are waiting for the school buses. Please let your parents know ahead of time what to expect.

Homeschoolers are not considered School Groups, just because of the numbers.  To book a trip during the week, 15 paying people are required. You must have 15 paying people here before any of the group will be allowed in the field.There is a 3hr time limit on the farm.(no teachers free)

Please stop at the barn and pay before you enter. Call 821-9133 to schedule your field trip to the Maze and Pumpkin Patch. If you need to make adjustments in what we can do with your group or class we are very flexible and want to make the most out of every field trip for the kids. Some of our field trip classes come a long distance to enjoy our Maze let us help you schedule enough time to enjoy the trip!